Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Beef With Boobs

Boobs are pretty awesome, aren't they? They can nourish your baby, and most people enjoy looking at some plumpy cleavage. 

Here's my only issue with boobs. 

They are over sexualized. People get all fired up if a mother Breastfeeds in public, but don't blink an eye if a woman shows her breasts in a sexual way. 

Sure, it's ok to wear a small piece of cloth over your boobs at the beach, but don't you dare move that cloth aside to feed your baby. How dare you use your breasts the way you want to?! Don't you know you are supposed to use them the way society says?! 

You will make a lot of people extremely uncomfortable if you dare nourish your child in front of them. 

Why is that? Why do people get so offended seeing a baby eat? I can't comprehend it. 

I'm not raising my daughter to view breasts as something to flaunt. Their size doesn't equal how attractive you are. Their size doesn't add or take away from your self worth. That's what I want her to grow up understanding. 

Here, is our home, breasts are nourishment. It was where her milk came from. They are not objects to be obsessed with. I want her to value her brain and heart more than her breasts when she grows up. 


  1. Yes! I have two sons and I do what I can to stress that boobs are baby food bags and that objectifying women due to their breast size is dumb. Great post!