Saturday, March 21, 2015

You Always Murder

You Always Murder! 

I'm a published author. I write nearly every genre. I have six books available on Amazon. I have no clue how to link my books, as I am not tech savvy. (You can find me on Amazon by searching "Chasity Conley) 

Now that I've got that shameless plug out of the way, (shew, I bet we all feel better cause we knew it was coming!), I will move on to my post. 

 I write for a blog called Friday Frights. It's just like it sounds. A group of writers posting horror themed stories every Friday. 

Shameless plug! 

Anyhow, my daughter, who is 3 and a half, knows I write for this blog. She also knows I love reality murder stuff. The First 48, Disappeared, Forensic Files, you name it. I'm sure I love it. 

 I rarely get to watch these shows, because no one here lets me have the damn TV! 

 I watch them on my phone when I get the chance. 

Today my daughter saw me watching it on my phone and said SO LOUDLY, 

"You write murder, you watch murder. YOU ALWAYS MURDER!"

Did I mention we live in an apartment building with walls that seem to be made OF PAPER?

I am super excited for the first day she attends school. 

"Teacher: What does your mom do? 

My child: She murders! She's probably murdering right now! "

Holy shit. Why does this kid not recall I also write poetry, romance, children's books, and I illustrate?

She sure remembers the murder!