Sunday, September 14, 2014

My First Love

First Love 

I fell in love with her instantly,
The moment her eyes met mine.
I knew she loved me just as much,
The instant our hands entwined.

She placed a kiss upon my cheek, 
And laid my head upon her chest. 
The sound of her heart beating, 
Made it so easy for me to rest. 

I curled as close as I could, 
And drifted off to sleep fast. 
My first true love slept, too. 
This is a love that will always last. 

Nothing could compare to it, 
Nothing could cause it to fade. 
My mom is my first true love, 
And she is until this very day. 


  1. Aw. I cried! I am crying! That was so beautiful!

  2. Beautiful. You made me cry in my French fries. (Out at lunch).

  3. So many feels! This was just beautiful my friend.

  4. Oh my so eloquently written and heartfelt. So many tears and so many years and our Moms are our first sample of true love. ❤️