Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Confessions: Sex

  I have been waiting a while to write about this. Sex... 

  I won't lie, I enjoy sex. But that hasn't always been the case. It took me until I was in my 30's to realize sex was even enjoyable. 

  I used to honestly think something was wrong with me because I just couldn't get "into it".  I couldn't get excited. Couldn't get turned on. I sincerely hope that isn't TMI. 

  I guess it took meeting the right person who I "clicked" with. Or better yet, someone that knew what the hell he was doing. 

Now, sex inspires poetry. So I'm going to bore you with one I wrote. Here it is, it's titled "Beautiful Climax". 

"His hands are on my body 
My skin is scorching hot 
I run my fingers through his hair 
And beg him not to stop 

He softly kisses my wet lips 
Making  his way to my neck 
My heart starts to race 
Wondering where he'll go next

His breath is hot and fevered 
My body arches close 
I wrap my legs around his waist 
I want him and he knows 

He pulls my arms above my head 
Puts his hand around my wrists 
He leans his head down to my ear 
And whispers that I am his 

I answer with yes..yes..yes.. 
Take me now my love, please 
He kisses my aching breasts 
And settles between my knees 

Then he makes love to me 
With his hands, his mouth, his lips
His head is between my thighs 
His hands are gripping my hips 

I am in agony and I love it 
I don't want him to ever stop 
Once I reach the beautiful climax 
He lays down and pulls me on top

We make magic together 
It's amazing how he turns me on
I collapse in his arms exhausted 
And together  we greet the dawn" 

That pretty much says how I feel about sex. Sex is awesome. May I even say, it's Spock-tacular? 



  1. Love it! I'm glad somebody is having amazing, mind blowing sex! :)

  2. Think I need a damn shower now! That was hottt baby! Lmao! Loved it. You should write more like this. You may have found a new niche. Hmmmm.....

    Thanks for sharing with Blogdiggity!

    1. Bwhahaha! I was thinking that SAME thing Thriller Mom!! Whew!

  3. I'm a nasty little bitch in the sack and this made me blush a teensy bit. :)

  4. Thats some good ass sex LOL. Keep this up and all the housewives are going to flock to your blog!

    1. Ha! I agree with Samantha! You may have found your calling! ;)