Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Confessions:Forget

  What comes to mind when you think of the word forget? As for me, many things come to mind. 

  The one that stands out the most, is the fact that I've gotten to that age where I forget everything. I literally forgot my own age. Seriously. I had to count back from the year I was born. That's sad, I know.

   I couldn't remember if I was 37 going on 38, or if I was going to be turning 37 on my next birthday. 

   I'm not sure if it's a combination of motherhood and age, or just my age. 

   It seems like the instant I hit 35, my memory ran away. It not only ran away, it hasn't returned since. 

   I'm always forgetting what day of the week it is. I use my calendar on my iPod more than I do anything else. 

   I left my house once and forgot my shoes. That's even more sad than forgetting my age. What makes it even worse, I didn't even notice for ten minutes. I had to walk all way back with my head hung in shame to retrieve them. 

   I guess you can blame that on growing up in the South. Growing up, we only wore shoes when we went to school or out somewhere. 

   To top off this beautiful platter of memory loss, my boyfriend has the worst memory around. He is no help whatsoever. He expects me to remember stuff for him! 

   It's almost like he's forgotten that I forget EVERYTHING. 

   I'm constantly checking burners to make sure I turned them off only minutes before. I can never remember. Ever. 

   I'm worried one day I'll forget my own name. If I do, someone please remind me that it's Chasity. 

  And now I have forgotten where I was going with this post... 


  1. I hate shoes! I can so see just walking away without them on. I always go around without them if I can, my hubby calls me a hippie, oh well I'm okay with that :-).

    For the record, I'm going to tell you that your name is Uhura if you ask me on a day you've forgotten...

  2. Motherhood, it makes you forget everything.. regardless of age! Truth!

  3. LOL. I did the same thing last year. Luckily my husband remembers how old I am.

  4. Ha! I seriously "forgot" my age for THREE WHOLE YEARS! No joke. I would have passed a lie detector test. Then one day, when someone asked me how old I was and I answered "24", something clicked, and I was like..."HOLD UP...if I was born in '79, that's not right! Whoops! I'm not 24, I am 27!" Guess I didn't want to hit the big 3-0 for awhile...LOL

  5. Do you think your memory problems have anything to do with lack of caffeine? Just a thought... better have another coke!

    Thanks for being here hun, and if you forget your name... I'll remind you. But better write yourself a Notebook-esque story just in case. Stripper can read it to you if he can remember where he put it the last time.

  6. My memory is shit, I blame the fetuses. So you're in good company!

  7. Ah hell! You're just like the rest of us crazy moms around here! I'm surprised we remembered what you wrote about! I don't forget my shoes because I have a serious THING about bare feet on bare floors but other than that, yeah, I'll forget it! I lose the house keys every time I leave home. I won't tell you what other things I forget because, well, I've forgotten those too! Lmao! Just pokin' fun at ya. Enjoyed this post! <3