Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Confessions: Awkward Moments

 Hello, everyone! This is my very first blog post for this blog, and I can not think of a better subject than awkward moments. Boy, have I had a lot of those. The one that sticks out the most in my mind is the foot incident. So, sit back and let me tell you how awkward this got.

  I just had moved to Cincinnati a couple months earlier. I was 8 months pregnant and had to take the bus to the Doctor three times a week due to a few complications with my pregnancy. Anyhow, I was not able to wear anything but flip flops because my feet were so swollen.

 I was at the bus stop waiting on my second bus. An older gentleman sat down on the bench beside me to wait on the bus, too. I didn't know many people, maybe 3, in Ohio. He started a conversation, and seemed so kind, that I spoke back to him. He told me about his wife and grandchildren, and how silly the kids were.  We laughed and chatted until the bus came. He allowed me to board the bus first, and even helped me by guiding my elbow as I stepped up on to the first step.

 He boarded behind me and took a seat next to me. That's when things got weird. Have you ever had that feeling someone was staring at you? I mean, you could feel it? Yeah? So you know what I mean when I say, I could feel someone staring at me. The bus was rather full, but unusually quiet. It was early in the morning so I guess everyone was still half asleep. I wanted to look up to see who was looking at me, and why, but I resisted.

 After about 5 more minutes of the staring, I broke down and looked up. It was the gentleman that had helped me on the bus!

 Not only was he staring, his gaze was so intently peering at my feet, I was sure nothing could break it away. I couldn't see them myself. I had a belly blocking my view. I nervously rubbed them together, sure I had something on them.

 He looks up, FINALLY, and said "You have pretty feet."

 Ummmm, excuse me?? Wasn't really sure what to say to that.

 "Oh...thanks..", I mumbled.
 I was kind of shocked that this was the same man that was so kind to me earlier.

 He went back to staring. I wanted so badly to move, but the bus was moving and I didn't think I could move safely without falling.

 "Can I touch em?" he asked. LOUDLY.

 I know everyone on the bus heard him. I wanted to get off that damn bus. Right then. But I couldn't. So I was forced to ride for 45 minutes with this weird ass man setting next to me.

 Alright folks. That was my extremely awkward moment. Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. I've had similar moments! I had an older man tell my ex he was a lucky guy because I have beautiful feet in a Chinese restaurant at dinner.

  2. EW!! That is beyond awkward! that is so creepy!!

  3. So...did you let him touch them ;-)

    Lol. That definitely defines awkward!

    1. Maybe you should have taken a foot rub. At least he didn't stick it in his mouth like that guy in a Walmart in Texas this last week

    2. Ewwww. True. I probably should've. My feet were killing me.

  4. Yikes! That's pretty creepy. I'm confident to say that this will never happen to me. I have little chubby feet.

    1. That's the weird part. I am pretty positive my feet looked horrible. Even as I was growing up, my brothers used to tell me I had Fred Flintstone feet. Lol. I can only imagine how terrible they looked that morning. All swollen and red.

  5. Your blog name is awesome. And so is this post. :)

  6. Oh wow. Foot fetishism, gotta love of the neighbor boys growing up had this. So strange to those who can't understand the inclination. We are all our own sort of mad, though, aren't we? Great post.